Sunday, 15 April 2012


Over the half term break I actually managed to get some work done on the allotment so I'm feeling very self righteous.  Previous to this sudden burst of enthusiasm my visits have been few and far between so there's not very much going on really but what I did manage to harvest was some rhubarb.

I'm not really a fan of rhubarb it has to be said apart from the Roobarb that comes with Custard of the cartoon variety but I do love crumble so here goes.

Cut 500g Rhubarb into 1 inch pieces and put in a pan with 100g Sugar and 1 Star Anise.  Cook over a medium heat for about 15 minutes till it starts to become tender.  Be careful at the start that it doesn't burn before the sugar melts and the juices are released from the fruit.

Transfer the cooked rhubarb to an ovenproof dish and make your crumble topping.

In a bowl rub 85g Butter into 140g Plain Flour then stir in 3 tbsp Soft Brown Sugar, along with 60g Porridge Oats and 30g Flaked Almonds.  Use the crumble mix to cover the rhubarb in your dish.  I like quite a thick layer of crumble but you don't have to use it all and it freezes well ready for next time.

Bake your crumble at 180C for 35-40 minutes till it's gorgeously brown and bubbling at the edges.

Rhubarb crumble is a classic but you could also fill a pastry shell and top it with meringue for a beautiful pie or just add it to yoghurt for a breakfast treat.


  1. LOVE rubarb crumble and just like you i have started a bit of gardening myself. No boasting intented but i am quite a confident garderener (mispell) now. and i have grown 50 ish strawberries 10 apples a whole obelisk of raspberries and 25 tomatoes!Might be doing a fruity inspirment on my blog soon. come and visit :)

  2. Well thanks for the invite Matthew - I will x

  3. oooooooh, roooooobarb... i love it! congratulations on your spring harvest. beautiful photos and i adore your enamel pot!