Saturday, 7 January 2012


One of the favourite things I made this christmas were Gingerbread Cupcakes with a Mascarpone Buttercream top and finished with a mini Gingerbread Biscuit.  Unfortunately they were so delicious I didn't manage to get a photos before they were scoffed - every time!  The only evidence I have is the picture above of the biscuits so you'll just have to imagine them, make it good though x

I think this year was the most un-organised christmas I've ever had, but judging by the amount of baking I did for others, everyone else was sorted.  Friends ordered mini pies for christmas eve and large pies for boxing day.  Cafe's were getting an array of festive cupcukes and there was a lot of edible glitter involved.

   Can't believe I made 2000 Mince Pies for
    Dafna's Cheescake Factory in Liverpool

    And a few more for The Aubergine Cafe
                      in West Kirby

My Birthday is December 9th which is not great just 2 weeks before christmas but I have a very dear friend Merry Phillips who's birthday is just 2 days before christmas.  It was a very special one this year and I was so honoured and touched to be invited to her 21st celebration.  Cake was always going to be on the cards and I came up with this small selection

Amy at Weekly Bake Off had the genius idea of having an online Secret Santa.  Everyone taking part exchanged home made gifts by post.  I have to thank you Amy for organising it all,  I had such fun putting my gift together and was unbelievably excited to take delivery of the one sent to me.

I made a Retro Hand Bag and a Felt Needle Case along with a jar of Quince Jelly, Egyptian Dukkah spice mix and a Bake-Your-Own Cookie Jar

I do hope it was liked by Jan.  I have to say I was overwhelmed by the gift I received.  It was so beautifully wrapped and as I unpacked it I could not stop squealing with joy as I discovered more delights.  Cranberry and Brandy Fudge, Millionaires Shortbread with Dates & Pecans and 2 lovely decorations.  Thank you so much but please let me know who you are, I need the recipe for those squares x

Edible gifts were the way forward for me this year.  Gingerbread Wreaths were so much fun to do and got me feeling very festive and  Gingerbread Snowflakes were a good by-product with the scraps.

Lastly,  my gift hampers.  They included Peri Spiced Olives, Mini Christmas Puddings, Quince Jelly, Dukkah Spice Mix and Lemon Infused Olive Oil

I hope you all had a great Christmas and still have a few goodies tucked away to enjoy - I do but don't tell anyone cos I'm not sharing Xx


  1. I love the Christmas tree cupcakes and gingerbread wreathes - inspiration for next year already, thanks!
    Helen x

  2. You are amazing! All of these things look so lovely, I want to go back in time and do Christmas all over again!

    Your secret santa gift looked amazing too!

    Happy New Year to you and yours xxx

  3. Aah thanks Nelly. How did your secret santa work out. I really loved doing that x

  4. Lovely - Gorgeous Secret Santa stuff xx

  5. You should do it next year Urvashi, it's such fun x

  6. I'm just on blogland catch up - some wonderful ideas Yasmin what a creative and talented lady you are - thanks so much for sharing. Kitty x