Sunday, 29 April 2012

PIE FUNNELS - A Few Of My Favourite Things

This week a few of my favourite things are these lovely pie funnels that look like little chimney pots.  I have the black bird and even a blue bird but when I saw the chimneys they had to be mine.  They come in different heights so you can use them in dishes of varying sizes but I have been known to use all three in a fish pie so they look like ship funnels.

My son Archie made a delicious corned beef pie this week which didn't really need a pie funnel but they are far too much fun to resist.

 I got my pie chimneys from Jamie At Home


  1. Does a puff pastry pie need one?

  2. It depends on your filling Matthew. You should use pie funnels when using fillings with lots of liquid to stop it from boiling over. There is no reason to not use one with puff pastry.