Tuesday, 12 March 2013


When I was a child there was a definite difference between childrens chocolate and grown-ups chocolate.  I could have a finger of Fudge or Curly Wurly but not a Bounty or packet of Munchies.  Thank goodness I can now have which ever chocolate I want and don't have to miss out on the luxury that is Hotel Chocolat.

Hotel Chocolat has such an extensive range of gorgeous products that the only problem is choosing which one to have. The quality and sheer beauty is breathtaking, all their chocolate is ethically sourced and suitable for vegetarians and what's more, it tastes amazing.

Now the really good bit.  Hotel Chocolat are offering one of you lucky people a gorgeous Zebra Beastie Egg. All you have to do is:

a) Follow this Blog and leave a comment telling me what your favourite chocolate was as a child.
b) For another chance of winning LIKE my Facebook page Yasmin Limbert - Pieces of Rainbow and tell me your favourite childhood chocolate
c) And just in case you want to enter 3 times, follow Yasmin Limbert on twitter tweeting that favourite chocolate again.

You have until Sunday 17th March to enter.

Good Luck and Happy Easter x

And the Winner is LAURA McCAUGHAN who's favourite childhood chocolate was Mintolas


  1. I think I liked all chocolate when I was little, still do!
    They should bring coconut boosts back, loved them

  2. I'm a follower! My favourite chocolate as a child... Hmm. I loved most chocolate haha, I loved Smarties, and Astros were great too!
    Helen x

  3. A few years ago I discovered the petrol station near my house stocked my all time favourite choccy bar, the mighty Star Bar! It's a bit elusive so great to have found a 'dealer'!

  4. I'm a follower! I always loved finger of fudges and still go. Yum! X

  5. Ooh lovely post yasmin. it's hard to choose just one favourite chocolate but caramels and strawberry creams ate still my favourites today! :)

  6. Am following on GFC- Helen Dickinson

    I used to love poppets when i was younger especially the mint flavor x

  7. I always loved Terry's chocolate orange even if I had to attack it with a toy to get a segment!

  8. Yes, 'tapping' it never really does the job does it x

  9. I loved those little round foil cups of chocolate from the pic n mix section, they were only 3p a cup so my pocket money went furthest if I bought those

  10. I'm a follower...my favourite childhood chocolate was Fry's Turkish delight! I still love them now though I can't believe how expensive they are!!xx

  11. I loved smarties when I was little. They took all the good tasty chemicals out so they don't taste as nice note. Poppets are good as they still taste yummy. X