Thursday, 30 August 2012


So I'm continuing on with my Great British Bake Off inspired tarts and this is a sweet one.  I've used pineapple but most fruit works well.  Apple is particularly good too because the flapjack topping is like chewy toffee so a perfect match. 

I usually make one large tart but opted for individual portions purely so I could try out my new silicone mould.  I'm quite new to silicone for baking and not sure if I quite like it but I have to say, they were very easy to get out.  It can be a bit hit and miss sometimes using metal baking tins, especially when cooking something with bubbling sugar that sticks but I'm too old school I think.  When making a victoria sponge I can only do it in pounds and ounces, my husband says that's because I'm classically trained.  I quite liked that.

Anyway, back to the recipe.  It's just a case of making a pastry shell, fill it with fruit them bob the flapjack mix on top and bake.  I could not believe how unctuous and cosy these were.  My Mother used to make Pine Tarts which were a triangular jam tart with pineapple jam, these are like the pimped up version of those.

200gPlain Flour                           
75g Butter                                    
1 Egg                                           

500g Pineapple in small chunks (Fresh or Tinned)
50g Butter
2 tbsp Golden Syrup
50g Light Brown Sugar
75g Porridge Oats

Make the pastry by rubbing the butter into the flour to make a light crumb, add the egg and form into a dough.  Knead slightly till soft and smooth.  Line a muffin tray with the pastry and bake blind at 180C for 15 minutes.  I used cup cake cases in each tart shell to put the baking beans in.

When the shells are baked mix the flapjack topping.  In a pan warm the butter, sugar and syrup till they have melted then stir in the oats.  Don't mix the flapjack till you are ready to use it as it gets stiff and difficult to use as it cools.  Fill the pastry with the pineapple and top with a spoonful of flapjack mixture.  Bake for a further 15-20 minutes till the flapjack has browned.


  1. These look stunning! I've been looking for inspiration - these will getting shamelessly ripped off- er, I mean, perhaps I'll have a stab at making them. Maybe with some sort of toffee apple filling though...

  2. The flapjack tart looks delicious, thanks for sharing the recipe x