Wednesday, 2 May 2012


This has to be the quickest dessert you can make and it's not only really tasty but pretty healthy too.  It's a brilliant one for kids because they can make it themselves.  As long as you have a blender you're sorted.  The choice of flavours is entirely up to you, I'm using mixed summer fruits and cherry yoghurt, it gives your finished dessert such a vibrant colour.  Frozen mango and pineapple with coconut yoghurt are a fantastic combination too.

In a blender tip 500g of Frozen Fruit then add a 450g Tub of Yoghurt and a couple of large tablespoons of Honey.  whizz it all together and serve immediately.

You can't get faster than that!

You could use natural yoghurt if you prefer and add as much honey to suit your taste.  If you freeze any left overs, remember to take it out about half an hour before you want to serve - this isn't soft scoop!