Saturday, 16 November 2019

MerseyMade Opening!

An update from my 'New Role' at MerseyMade

What is MerseyMade?

MerseyMade was set up as a unique space highlighting the creative talent that we have on Merseyside.

We want local creatives and artists to be able to showcase and sell their work locally and with as little barriers as possible. ‘Shop Local’ is very important to us, and is at the heart of our business.

Alongside our studios and retail space we also have a unique café open to all. The Gordon Smith café offers a relaxing space to unwind or catch up with friends and enjoy some fresh cake made in our very own kitchen.

I shall be running the kitchen and creating the menus at MerseyMade. I have been an independent baker and caterer for the past 10 years and am proud to hold the title of WI Cook of the Year as well as being a Great British Bake-off quarter-finalist. 

We shall be a unique space that will bring another exciting dimension to Liverpool’s vibrant artistic landscape. 

I plan to offer an interesting menu using locally sourced ingredients, some Liverpool favourites as well as dishes inspired by it’s eclectic community. 

Liverpool has an impressive foodie scene and a cool edgyness unlike anywhere else. The people have big hearts and a wicked sense of humour that I love and I’m proud to be a Merseyside resident.